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Entering business awards, a good idea?

BoardroomMost businesses are stretched doing the day to day essentials of running their business, so why spend time and resources entering business awards?

It doesn’t matter if you win; just by entering the award opens a whole range of potential plus points.

Let’s break the whole process down;

As a business owner, you are often overwhelmed with running your business that you never have the opportunity to actually take a step back and properly assess how far you have come. The application forces you to look at your business from a different perspective encouraging you to think about your strengths and your weaknesses.

Benchmarking – don’t forget the judges will have seen all of the applications and possibly interviewed some of the entrants, so your performance is being benchmarked against the other entrants. By taking the feedback and the outcome of the judging process you can get a good feel of how you compare against the other entrants. Remember that the other entrants could, and are very likely to, include your competitors.

The Result
Winning or being shortlisted can generate significant amounts of positive publicity and could have a direct impact on your business. It clearly differentiates you from your competitors. Award recognition could potentially lead to new customers and even attract top quality team members to join you.

Thumbs up no rocketEven if you are not shortlisted or don’t win, just remember the application and judging processes provided you with a great opportunity to take a step back and properly appreciate how far you come.

One last point, if you do win, make sure that you enjoy your success because you deserve it!

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