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It’s time to say goodbye (for a while) and hello

congratsFollowing on from our previous blog, there was a reason why we wrote about maternity leave…we had that very bombshell dropped on us by our very own Capsule Communicator Toni Claisse.

We’re really sad to say goodbye (for a few months!) to Toni at the end of this month as she leaves us to give birth to her first child, but really excited for her, plus we’ll have our very own mini Blue Rocket astronaut to have cuddles with!

Toni has been with us for a long time, she’s part of the family, and she will be sorely missed. She’s a great asset to our business, she keeps us all in check; she definitely rules the roost!

So, we know there’s some big boots to fill in her absence, so enter…Ashleigh!

Some of you may recognise the name – Ashleigh is, in fact, Ground Control Julie’s daughter.

Of course, Ashleigh is extremely familiar with Blue Rocket, she can’t not be! She understands perfectly what we stand for, our values, our mission.

She’s helped out the team on previous occasions, and knows us all very well. We’re confident she’ll fit right in.

A bit about Ashleigh – she’s bubbly, enthusiastic and friendly, so if you’re stopping by the office, please do say hi!

Ashleigh is a bit of an animal lover, her particular favourite is the owl, we’re sure she will have a hoot with us here at Blue Rocket!

So, we want to wish Toni all the best of luck with the next stage in her life, and thank her for her hard work, dedication and loyalty.

Welcome Ashleigh to the team, our new Capsule Communicator, we’re sure you’ll be seeing her very soon!

We’ll keep you all updated and let you know when Toni has good news to divulge, if you want to take a guess at the weight of the baby, let us know, we’ve got some guesses going already!

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