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Summer Holidays

Every year many business owners come across a challenge – Summer Holidays;

  • Should they have one?
  • Can they have one?
  • What will happen to the business if they are not there?

Even with those business owners who do actually take a break, many will still have access to their phones and tablets so they can stay on top of what’s going on.

So is the thought of not being on top of things when you’re away the main reason why many business owners don’t take holidays?

If your answer is yes, then the only suggestion I can make, is for you to prepare your business to cope without you – how?

  1. Delegate responsibilities to your team or even bring in a virtual PA
  2. Know your priorities – the difference between what needs to and can be done
  3. Let your clients know

But why should you only think about this when you’re going on holiday – wouldn’t it be better if your business was like this all year round, how?

Systems, systems, systems!

Creating the right systems in your business unlocks your true potential allowing you to get more done, get better results, and build lasting relationships which all leads to greater profitability.

Creating systems forces you to think through what you are trying to accomplish and why that is important.

Systems also have a hidden benefit to them, they allow you to see your business from a different perspective, opening your eyes to what your business needs and doesn’t need and keeps your finger on the pulse of how you’re performing.

But the most important benefit is that if you understand how to work on your business and not in it, and can do so with a methodology that ensures only the best results are constant, then you can outlast and survive your competition.



A great business system and process will take you further than you think!

Finally, if you do go away, I hope you have a relaxing and refreshing break and don’t forget to turn off your emails!

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