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Time to give your business a spring clean?

Untitled1You spend your time cleaning up after other people; you scrub, polish, sweep, hoover and dust, and at the end you have a dazzlingly clean home or office to show for your efforts. It gives you a sense of pride, right?

But do you spend the same amount of time putting the sparkle into your own business?

We know how tough it is to set time aside from the dirt and grime of the day-to-day operations, sometimes it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day, your to-do list is getting longer, and your finances are a little to be desired.

The cleaning industry is a hard business. Competition is tougher than limescale stains and prices are being driven down faster than you can say air freshener, so it’s no wonder just 45% of cleaning businesses survive past the first five years.

The consequences of not setting that time aside to develop your business could therefore be extremely costly. So as we head towards spring, now’s the time to start promoting those deep cleans, and also a perfect time to give your business a makeover too.

But where to start?Untitled3

You know that you need to make changes, and that’s the first step. Then you’ll have too evaluate where you are currently. What are the challenges your business is facing? What’s holding you back and stopping you from growing? What are your competitors up to?

Armed with this knowledge you now have the tools necessary to grow and evolve your business. There’s plenty of opportunities out there, you just need to know where to look for them, and how to make the most of them.

You can really make a difference, trust us, we’ve seen it first-hand. By thinking about his cleaning business in a different way, diversifying his offering and revamping his systems and processes, one of our clients managed to dramatically increase not just his turnover, but profit too. He’s even managed to ensure he spends more time with the family, now that sounds like a win-win situation to us!

We understand all too well the pressures that business owners in the cleaning industry face, and we’ve got some advice and strategies which you can put into place. We’re running a seminar in April (yep, spring cleaning season) which will show you how your business can evolve, and not only that, it’s FREE!

So, to book your place, and take that first step to ensure you’re not one of the 55% of cleaning businesses that don’t see their 5th birthday then click here.

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